Exploring the possibilites of 16mm Film

To initially explore the concept of 16mm film and discover what was achievable with it, I begun with a broad variety of experiments, with no real conceptual goal in mind yet.

These included:

–         Stamping

–         Hole punches


–          Scratching

film 2

–          Painting

film 5 nail polish

This was done on a variety of colours with regular 16mm film. I began to also explore the use of found footage, with bleaching and scratching it.

I really like the effect the scratching had with the found footage, as you could eliminate parts of human’s bodies within the footage. Due to the rough and inconsistent lines in every frame, it gave a certain type of symbolism in how this particular person’s identity or component of their persona had been lost. This was all you could gather from the film, due to the silence, the rest had to be perceived personally.

I really liked this concept and decided I was going to work with found footage for the entire duration of my project.

I researched and found styles of films that used found footage that were near to the overall style I wanted to attempt to create, or at least use it as a significant inspiration. This following film, even though I strongly dislike the audio component, the colouring and style of scratching really appealed to me.

This video also utilises found footage, with a style of themed colouring that I really like the feel of.

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